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European Clients are satisfied with our Milling Engraving machines

European Clients are satisfied with our Milling Engraving machines


Two clients from European area visited our Milling Engraving machines workshop at the end of May 2019.


During visiting in our workshop, these clients were interested in our Milling & Engraving machine. And they asked us to make some copper electrode sample with the machine in order to check the real performance.

 European clients visit our Milling Engraving machines workshop

During the machining testing, they paid more attention to the machine body stability and touched the worktable with their hand during high speed machining. The machine was quite stable during the high speed working. When the copper electrode was done, the clients nodded again and again and they were quite satisfied with the smooth and beautiful surface.

Milling&engraving samples 

They usually make brass/copper electrodes with machining center that is heavy duty machine, and its machine cost is quite high. However, we can help them to meet the machining requirement with our higher speed milling&engraving machine at a quite low total cost. Because the max spindle speed can reach 24000 RPM with our electric spindle; and the electrode surface is very smooth and beautiful too.

Aluminum job on Milling&engraving machine 

After the meeting, the clients decided that they would like to order our Milling Engraving machines when they came back home soon.


Here are some pictures of the meeting during our factory. For anything we can do to support you on CNC Milling Engraving machines or Die Sinker EDM machines, please feel free to contact us.


Milling&engraving machine workshop

You can visit the video of our Milling&engraving machine at the following link:


Have a Nice day.


Tech EDM Team



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