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What is electrochemical deburring?
In deburring process, we eliminate the unwanted material which is produced during the machining process. If the deburring process is carried out with the help of electrochemical energy then, the process of deburring is called as the electrochemical deburringIn electrochemical deburring, electrochemical machining is used. Electrochemical machining is also termed as the ECM.

It is often termed as electrolytic deburring as we use electrolyte for the process.

To solve burring problem in the cavity type metal jobs, we have recently developed the ECD (Electro chemical deburring) machine, with electrochemical discharging principle. Our ECD machines are mainly used to remove debur automatically and selectively inside of the metal jobs like pump body, valve body, connecting rod, crankshaft, plunger needle valve couple and gear in pneumatic, hydraulic, engineering machinery, oil nozzle pump, automobile and engine industries, etc.

Working Process

On the workpieces burrs are present and according to the shape of the burr a tool is used. The tool removes the burrs and as previously stated according to the shape of the burr a tool is used. The tool has two parts: Upper part and lower part

The upper part of tool is open that means it is not insulated. While the bottom part of the tool is insulated to avoid the contact of tool with the workpiece. Basically, the tool is kept in the container containing electrolyte and the workpiece. The tool is placed in between the two work pieces. The tool is given a negative charge while the work piece is given as a positive charge. The negatively charged tool act as a cathode while the positively charged work pieces act as anodes. Then, the electrolyte is passed through this container.

Advantages of ECD

This is one of the most efficient deburring process which results in the roughing as well as finishing of the work pieces.
It is a process that takes place in just a few minutes.

It is an accurate process.

The most important benefit of this process is that it is stable and gives the result that we want. 
Application areas:

ECD (Electrochemical deburring) machines are used in Diesel cylinders, oil flushing Pumps, brake pump, spinning machine workpieces, and cavity type metal jobs, etc. 

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